How To Protect Skin From Sun

How To Protect Skin From Sun.


How To Protect Skin From Sun. 
You don’t have time for your skin in your busy schedule? It’s not impossible now. You can easily get the fresh and healthy skin only by pampering it. You easily can avoid natural aging without any struggle.

How to protect skin from Sun:
Reasons/ causes:
One of the most significant ways to get healthy skin is to protect it from sun. Sun rays can cause wrinkles, age spots and cease the natural moisturizer from the skin. It can be one of the cause of skin cancer.
Use sunscreen generously with SPF of at least level 15.
Apply sun screen lotion after every two hours specially when you are sweating.

Avoid the sun rays specially when the rays are at their strongest level like 10am-2.00pm

Always use and wear protective clothing like full sleeves shirts, covered necked shirts. Cover your skin as much as you can. Always buy/ prefer airy clothes.


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