How to Maintain Healthy Skin through Diet & To Manage Stress.

how-to-maintain-health-skin-to-diet-to-manage-stressHow to  Maintain Health Skin through Diet & To Manage Stress. 

Skin Care tips: 
Best diet for healthy Skin: 
Vitamins can play a vital role in the repair and maintenance of skin. The vitamins are the keys to healthy skin. They help to heal the damaged and wrinkled skin.

The intake of the appropriate amount of vitamins can help to repair/ prevent dryness and give your skin an everlasting shine.
A healthy diet consists of vegetables, fruits, grains and proteins.
Researchers say that vitamin C is the best cure of damaged skin. Intake of low fats and low carbohydrates can help us to get younger looking skin.
Deal with Stress:
Stress is another cause of unhealthy skin. Stress can cause acne and make your skin more sensitive. Healthy state of mind can make your skin glowing.
Suggestions to control stress:
* Have to make your to-do list.
* Scale down your burden.
* Develop the habit of sharing and caring.
* Set your goals and targets to avoid unnecessary stress which only cause skin breakouts.
* Trigger / set time for the things you can enjoy.
* Stay positive


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